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Duration / Shots High Profile Models Foreign / Russian Girls
1 Hours / 1 Shot (INR) 5,000 -10,000 (INR) 10,000 – 12,000
2 Hours / 2 Shots (INR) 15,000 – 20,000 (INR) 16,000 – 20,000
4 Hours / 3 Shots (INR) 20,000 – 25,000 INR) 24,000 – 30,000
Over Night / 5 Shots (INR) 33,000 – 40,000 (INR) 40,000 – 50,000

Dating tips are a must for every kind of relationship no matter whether you are dating an escort or you are a teenager looking for a serious relationship. There are many tips to keep in mind before you decide to go out for a date.

Have a look at the following tips which can ensure you with a great and successful date:-


Last minute planning is extremely dangerous. It can completely ruin any kind of plan when you are not spontaneous on your date and it will definitely make things worse. You should take some time to plan in advance and ensure that you are well prepared for the day when it approaches. Always set some real expectations with your date and discuss the same with your partner. They will help you achieve the goals. You should ensure that you discuss everything with your date. Proper planning is a must.


The fact which you should always keep in mind is that what things you and your date will enjoy. You should ensure that you are relevant in whatever choices you make. It will make sure that both you and your partner enjoy the date. Escorts in Bangalore always look for fun. Make sure to plan your date in such a way.

Among a heterogeneous crowd of people, each and everyone have their individual choices and tastes. In case you are a corporate professional or personnel in the service industry, the best Independent Escorts will render useful assistance in making an indelible professional impression on your corporate clients. They will behave in such reserved manner, that your corporate interests are sure to get enhanced if they are present with you. Some of them, will also, take up the role of your secretary and provide you with useful work assistance.

You can get the best of togetherness with the Independent Escorts. They will not only accompany you to parties or other ceremonies, but will be more than happy to take you for a city tour. Individuals with a different level of intellectuality will want to enjoy the company of a knowledgeable escort who possesses good knowledge of the city. Your chosen partner will be your perfect travel guide, and take you to the prime points of interest in the city. In the process, you may also come across certain places that can be prospective avenues of sightseeing.

A proper and efficient pricing structure also ensures that you can select your exact requirement. But all said and done, the most important factor that adds a special touch to your companionship experience is these escorts will always keep your comfort factor as their priority. Now, you can enjoy uninterrupted sessions of true and worthy companionship without taking the stress of other associative aspects like payment, etc. it will provide you with ultimate satisfaction. One of the major factors that make Escorts your perfect dream encounter is their million dollar beauty. Imagine the most ravishing model driving up to your place after a gorgeous photo shoot. The idea itself is so thrilling that you can well imagine the excitement that it brings along. In addition to that, these models are well educated and well versed in most of the important and official languages.

The Independent Escorts will provide you with exquisite services you can dream of and much more. You can experience great companionship for personal requirements. There are a lot of occasions in the life of an individual when the closeness of a great companion is most required. An understanding companion not only provides you company after a hard day’s work, but also comforts you in deep loneliness. Moreover, a great companion will also provide you soulful companionship at the time you need it the most. Be it a movie date, your friend’s beach party or a prestigious corporate gathering, quality companionship from the correct partner will boost your confidence quite a few notches higher.

She was loved by her husband very much but she did not care for that. She leaves him in thrust of earning more in a short period of time. Slowly – slowly Simi was recognized by most of the gentlemen. She comes in great demand for her fabulous services. Hiring Simi is the best option for taking the lovely meeting for most of the time. She is an elegant woman to gear up to go together with you anywhere and anytime.

She adds herself in providing escort services in Bangalore. But she hides it from her husband. Everything was running smoothly, but she fails to hide it from her husband for a long time. One day her husband saw her with another man’s arm when he returns home early. After seeing her like that her husband slaps her for doing such thing just for maximizing more profit. Her husband gives another scope to come out from this dirty thing. But her wife didn’t want to understand and decided to continue with this.


So what if you are dating an escort? The fact is that they are human beings. You should appreciate your date. Admire them whenever you get opportunity. Stop focusing on the physical aspect of the beauty. What this mean is that you should value your date.


Try to look for something which both of you will enjoy and won’t get embarrassed. Escorts like different things. You should put some effort to find what they like and what they don’t. If they like watching a comedy movie, you can plan it accordingly. You can even go to a water park. Never ever talk about your exes or anything that they won’t like.

Sleeping with an escort or dating an escort; they both are different things. When you are dating Bangalore model escorts or sexy call girls in Bangalore, it’s a normal thing. It’s like dating any other girl. You won’t have a cold date when you are dating an escort. It’s going to be real fun for you. Keep all these great tips in mind to choose the best escort of your choice.